Empowering Early Adopters

At Mopher, we strongly believe in democratizing access to promising blockchain startups and empowering our community of supporters. To facilitate widespread participation in IDOs hosted on the Launchpad, we issue our native MPR token. MPR holders are entitled to special privileges when contributing to project fundraises.

When an IDO commences, MPR holders will receive a preferential allocation bonus such that their tokens will go further compared to non-token holders. This rewards those who have believed in Mopher's vision the most. Voting weight is also tied to one's MPR balance, allowing members to have a proportional say in how funded ventures are governed and assessed post-investment.

Being an early MPR holder therefore equips individuals with front-row seats to emerging blockchain disruptors. They gain both upside financial potential if protocols succeed, as well as influence to steer startups along the right path through democratic participation. Our goal is to spread the benefits of decentralization far and wide through such equitable and inclusive token mechanics.

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