Decentralized Financing Model

On the Mopher Launchpad, projects launch Initial DEX Offerings or IDOs to source community funding through the issuance and distribution of tokens. Unlike traditional Initial Coin Offerings which saw funds held centrally, we leverage blockchain technology and decentralized applications to revolutionize how ventures are financed through our platform.

When an IDO is initiated, project tokens are placed in a smart contract and held securely on-chain until certain milestone conditions are met. These milestones are defined transparently by the project in advance and could include deliverables such as private or public beta launches, user or merchant acquisition targets, protocol upgrades and more. Community members purchase tokens during the funding period, which are also sent to the smart contract.

As projects hit posted milestones, a percentage of the held funds corresponding to the achieved milestone are automatically distributed from the smart contract to the project's wallet. This provides complete assurance to investors that capital will only be accessed fairly according to the proposed roadmap. Every transaction and milestone event is recorded on the blockchain, giving IDOs unparalleled visibility compared to traditional funding. Overall, this decentralized financing model promotes accountability and trust between startups and their supporters.

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